In Balance Pilates, LLC

In Balance Pilates, LLC


Health & Wellness / Personal Training / Physical Therapy / Massage / Acupuncture / Chiropractors / Orthopaedics / Pain Management

About Us

In Balance Pilates studio is spacious, bright and diffused with essential oils. We specialize in group Pilates training and one-on-one practice.

But the physical benefits of Pilates aren't our sole focus. We prioritize self-care, a culture of inclusivity, and fearless movement. We believe in empowering you to show up and do the work! Do Pilates and Feel AMAZING!

In Balance is a boutique-style studio with a sleek design that creates a vibe that will leave you craving more! Our professional instructors are friendly, helpful and have in-depth training. The AC is set low which creates a perfect oasis in the Tucson desert. We diffuse the highest quality essential oils. We play upbeat music to keep you moving through your workout. We exist to awaken the desire to live your own, true potential.


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