GRITfit, Inc.

GRITfit, Inc.


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About Us

The GRITfit approach is intended to help you become more present in and connected to your body and your life. Bodies and lives change frequently. Determining what you want, and more importantly, what you need at any given time is challenging! Add to that the social pressure to look good at any cost, stay young forever and perform flawlessly, and it becomes nearly impossible to choose movement that feels good and is appropriate for your current circumstances.

By providing quality coaching, personalized movement customizations, and cultivating a community that values self-exploration, you will begin to discover an entirely different experience of exercise. Through this discovery, you will realize the many benefits of movement that go so much deeper than how your body looks or performs. Fitness freedom and autonomy, what we call “sensible fitness for real people”, better prepares you to advocate for yourself whether you are in the gym or out in the world living your life. And who doesn’t want more freedom to choose what is best for themselves?


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Helen Thoenes
Owner, President