Volunteer Entertainment Committee Lead

Posted: 09/11/2022

This position is up and running mostly in January -May. This committee finds all the fun stuff for the graduates to do for the night! We can have up to 4-5 vendors on the basketball court, rent and schedule blow up games (gerbil balls, maze, laser tag, gaming mobile trucks, etc. You will hire the casino and a headliner for the event.

What is needed for this position?

  • Utilizing Google drive, calendar, & gmail
  • Submitting contracts to the treasurer/board for review prior to deposit checks being sent
  • Submitting request for final payments of vendors to the treasurer for the night of the event
  • Finding vendors for the event
  • Renting games, blow ups and other entertainment for the night
  • Hiring/scheduling the casino and headliner
  • Confirming the DJ has us on his calendar
  • Recommend attending the first meeting of the year (Open house) to greet new volunteers, find out the new theme, and so people can give ideas.
  • It is required to be available during the workweek when your vendors are arriving to direct their location and set up, which you will need to coordinate with the Operations chair.

We host 8 meetings a year on Wednesday evenings at 6PM. If you are unable to attend and are able to send someone in your place, fantastic. If not, we ask that you submit a written report to the Internal Relations chair to add to the meeting agenda. (Even if just to say nothing new, so we know you are still involved)

Three meetings a year that are mandatory for this position:

  1. August - First meeting of year, we talk about the theme, it’s our Open house to recruit new volunteers, and we give the approved budget information.
  2. January - This committee must present final ideas/designs and cost in January. This means bring pictures of what games look like or a powerpoint presentation, whatever works best for you.
  3. April - This meeting we are getting all the event details completed, we get our Green books (details about event), our green shirts if working event, parking passes, etc.

This position could sustain a co-chair to assist. So bring a friend more hands make for less work! To see what we do and who we are: https://youtu.be/ZVHw-AR7CLE